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ALERT: You Could Be Victim Of Violence In Apartments Near UCF

Posted by on Jan 28, 2016 in Negligent Security

ALERT: You Could Be Victim Of Violence In Apartments Near UCF

Unfortunately, it seems like every week these days we learn about another violent attack at an apartment complex near the University of Central Florida (UCF.)  This week was no exception. According to the OrlandoSentinel.com website, an unidentified man was shot in the back when he was approached by a gunman in the parking lot of the Marquee Apartments located across the street from UCF.  Apparently the man robbed the victim, and shot him as he was trying to leave.  Unfortunately, the Marquee Apartments have been the scene of several violent crimes in recent times. Our thoughts and prayers obviously go out to the victim of the shooting.  Nobody parks their car in a commercial parking lot in a college area and expects to be the victim of violence in apartments near UCF – and nobody should.  With all of the reported violent crimes in the area around UCF, one would think that the businesses in that area would be taking a serious look at security and making improvements. All businesses owe their patrons a duty to provide reasonable security under the circumstances.  If an area is particularly violent or crime-ridden, security measures will need to be heightened.  Many times this will mean that a business needs to employ additional security officers.  Sometimes it may mean installing gates, doors, or security cameras. It would be interesting to learn what the Marquee Apartment was doing in terms of security.  When the owners see their apartment complex named in multiple stories about violent crime over series of weeks or month, it would seem like they might be taking extraordinary measures to prove to the public that their complex is safe.  It clearly seems like they still have some work to do. If you have any questions regarding a violent attack at an apartment complex or any business or commercial enterprise, or if you want to learn about any aspect of a Florida negligent security case, please call Winter Park personal injury/wrongful death attorneys Kim Cullen and Robert Hemphill at 407-254-4901 or visit our website at...

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