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Illegal U-Turn May Hold Key In Fatal Florida Turnpike Crash Case | Orlando Accident Attorney

Posted by on Aug 20, 2013 in Motor vehicle accidents

Illegal U-Turn May Hold Key In Fatal Florida Turnpike Crash Case | Orlando Accident Attorney

A recent Florida Turnpike crash presented set of facts worthy of a lawsuit exam question. I thought it might be instructive to share some information about this horrific and tragic crash for anyone in Florida involved in a serious car accident. WESH.com reported that the vehicle being driven by Eduardo Moreno was struck from behind on the Turnpike causing the tragic death of one passenger, Soraya Ramirez, and serious injuries to another, Rosa Ramirez. The article described that Mr. Moreno’s vehicle was stopped in the left travel lane of the Turnpike because a vehicle in front of his was making a U-turn. Moreno’s vehicle was then struck in the rear by two other vehicles. From reading the report, it seems as if the vehicle making the U-turn could be held liable (or at least partially liable) for causing this accident. U-turns on the Turnpike are not only illegal, they are also extremely dangerous. Anyone doing this could definitely face exposure for any damages he or she caused. Second, one wonders why Mr. Moreno brought his vehicle to a complete stop in the roadway. Why couldn’t he change lanes to avoid the hazard? Depending upon the answers to these questions, Mr. Moreno could conceivably face liability to Ms. Ramirez and her family. Third, what about the two vehicles that rear–ended Moreno’s car? Why couldn’t they avoid striking the rear of his vehicle? Drivers are required to keep a safe distance between themselves and vehicles in front of them, and to keep a lookout for hazards. Either or both of the rear-ending vehicles could also be held liable for this accident. It will interesting to see how all of this shakes out.  Regardless, it will be important for the Ramirez family to consult with an experienced Florida personal injury attorney. If you have any questions regarding a serious Florida auto accident, or wrongful death claim, call Winter Park personal injury lawyers Kim Cullen and Robert Hemphill at 407-254-4901. In addition, you can order a FREE copy of Asleep At The Wheel: 13 Mistakes The Insurance Company Desperately Hopes You Make After Your Florida Car Accident, an essential book for Florida car accident victims, by clicking...

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