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“Selfie” Behind The Wheel: Taking Distracted Driving To New Low

Posted by on Sep 9, 2015 in Motor vehicle accidents

“Selfie” Behind The Wheel: Taking Distracted Driving To New Low

Frequent readers of this blog, or followers of our Facebook or Twitter feeds, will surely know that we often post about the dangers of distracted driving (and here, and here).  In the past, we posted about using cell phones, and of course, texting while driving. Yesterday, I read on the insurancejournal.com website about a driving distraction I had not previously thought of, so thought I would share. It seems that a man in Maine recently crashed into a tree and seriously injured several of his passengers while trying to get into a “Selfie” photo being taken by one of his passengers. This kind of idiotic behavior on the part of a driver would probably be hilarious, if it wasn’t so potentially deadly. Make no mistake, a car accident is more than capable of killing someone.  It only takes a moment of distraction to cause an accident.  If you absolutely must take a Selfie while you are in a car – pull over.  Everybody traveling on Florida’s roads – including your passengers – will thank you. If you have any questions following an Orlando car accident, or a Florida crash involving a distracted driver, call Winter Park personal injury attorneys Kim Cullen and Robert Hemphill at 407-254-4901, or visit their website at cullen-hemphill.com. Or, if you want to wait to call,  you can always download a FREE copy of their informative Florida accident guide by visiting...

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