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Renewed Push To Ban Texting While Driving In Florida

Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in Motor vehicle accidents

I was happy to read that two Florida Legislators have re-introduced legislation in Tallahassee designed to make it illegal to text while driving in Florida.  As State Senator Nancy Detert indicates, she has been trying for five (5) years to get a ban on texiting while driving passed, but has thus far been unsuccessful.  Critics of such measures regularly cite privacy concerns. The privacy argument has never made much sense to me.  Why should a texting driver’s privacy outweigh the overwhelming danger created by the distraction of texting?  According to statistics released by the State of Florida, over 25,000 Florida car accidents were caused by texting.  That number only reflects those instances where drivers admitted to texting, or where there was dependable evidence revealing texting.  In reality, it is likely that there were for more than 25,000 Florida auto crashes were texting played a role. Senator Detert, and her colleague, Senator Thad Altman, believe that public sentiment in on their side this time.  I certainly hope so. While texting drivers can currently be cited in Florida for Careless Driving, I believe that specifically making texting while driving illegal will provide an additional motivation or influence upon the behavior of drivers.  In our Florida car accident law practice, we have seen far too many cases where drivers distracted by reading or sending texts have caused horrific and life-changing injuries. I am going to keep my fingers crossed for Senators Detert and Altman and their efforts.  Call me or my partner, Robert Hemphill, at 407-254-4901, if you have any...

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