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Spiked Emotions Can Have Disasterous Consequences For Florida Motorists

Posted by on Jan 27, 2013 in Motor vehicle accidents

Spiked Emotions Can Have Disasterous Consequences For Florida Motorists

Our local WFTV.com website recently featured a story that I thought would be worthwhile to share with our readers. This saga began in South Florida and involved a baby, the baby’s mother, and the baby’s father’s girlfriend. Apparently, the father of the child and his girlfriend were taking care of the baby when the mother decided she wanted to see the baby. The mother arranged a meeting with the father’s girlfriend at a neutral location so that the mother could visit with the child. When the girlfriend arrived with the baby, the mother of the baby apparently arrived with some backup in the form of several friends. Once at the neutral location, the two women got into a physical altercation which ended with the mother taking the baby, jumping into a waiting car, and leaving the location at a high rate of speed. Unfortunately, and ultimately tragically, the speeding vehicle crashed into another car as it sped away. The baby and a male in the mother’s group were actually thrown from the vehicle. While the baby survived and was taken to a hospital, the male friend of the mother’s did not. Our hearts certainly go out to the family of the man who died. As Florida automobile crash lawyers, we see this kind of story all too often. In this particular instance, it appears that the commotion involving the fight, the spiriting away of the baby, and speeding away from the scene all contributed  to this crash. While cell phones, and texting, and internet-enable devices get most of the attention when it comes to distracted driving in Florida, it is important to remember that drivers can be distracted by other factors. Sometimes people decide to drive immediately after some kind of emotional experience. It might be a physical fight, a heated argument, or even some difficult problem at work. Regardless, all of these things are still distractions, and can have devastating consequences if experienced while driving a car. By all means, if you have had a particularly emotional time before you are supposed to drive, take a few moments to collect yourself before you start your car and pull away from the curb. Please feel free to share any comments you have about this kind of distracted driving in the Comments section...

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