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Flagler Dog Owner Responsible For ALL Damages Arising From Five Dog Attack

Posted by on May 13, 2013 in Dog Bites

Flagler Dog Owner Responsible For ALL Damages Arising From Five Dog Attack

When a dog bites someone in Florida, the dog’s owner is responsible for all of the damages the dog cause, regardless of whether they are obvious in the beginning, or not. WESH.com reported that Brandi Bookamer, a Bunnell woman who saved her child when the two of them were attacked by five dogs last week, was back in the hospital. Apparently, Ms. Bookamer’s wounds from the initial dog bites have not gotten infected, and thus have required additional treatment. In the meantime, the dogs owner has turned the dogs over to Flagler County authorities, and the dogs remain in quarantine. As a Florida dog bite attorney, Ms. Bookamer’s situation provides a couple of teaching points. First, consumers should know that dog owners are strictly liable when their dogs bite someone. The only exceptions are provocation or trespass. Second, dog owners are responsible for ALL of the damages caused by their dogs. Even if a dog’s initial bite seems somewhat minor or manageable (and I’m not suggesting that being attacked by five dogs would ever be considered minor), if those wounds get infected, or if the victim requires scar revisions or cosmetic or plastic surgery, all of those expenses (and any scarring left over) are the responsibility of the dog owner. For Ms. Bookamer’s sake, we are going to keep our fingers crossed that the owner of the five dogs that attacked her has homeowner’s insurance, and there there are no tricky insurance policy exclusions. If you have a question following a Florida dog bite, don’t hesitate to call Winter Park personal injury lawyers Kim Cullen and Robert Hemphill at...

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