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See Why A Bar Would Pay $15.5 Million To Settle A DUI Lawsuit

Posted by on May 16, 2013 in Motor vehicle accidents, Recent News

See Why A Bar Would Pay $15.5 Million To Settle A DUI Lawsuit

Most people probably don’t realize it, but bars and restaurants in Florida are generally protected from lawsuits arising from the actions of their drunk patrons. However, there are two primary exceptions: providing alcohol to minors, and providing alcohol to a customer who is obviously drunk. I recently came across the story of a $15.6 million settlement in a DUI/wrongful death case involving a bar in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area called the Hofbrauhaus. A 25-year old customer of the bar left the bar extremely intoxicated and crashed into a family car where a 3-year old was tragically killed, and her mother was catastrophically injured. This video details how much the 25-year old patron had to drink, what the bar did to try to keep him from getting behind the wheel of his car (you guessed it — next-to-nothing), and what the victimized family has been put through as a result of this event. It is rare to get this kind of behind-the-scenes look at a case like this. Even though this accident occurred in Pennsylvania, any bar in Florida would be similarly liable under the circumstances. Also, in Florida, if a case like this one went to trial, the bar could be held liable for punitive damages – which are extra damages intended to punish a defendant for egregious wrongdoing. If you have any questions regarding a Florida wrongful death case involving a DUI contact Winter Park personal injury lawyers Kim Cullen and Robert Hemphill at 407-254-4901 or visit...

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