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Winter Garden Man Killed Outside Tampa Hotel – So What Did Hotel Know About Danger?

Posted by on Dec 11, 2013 in Negligent Security

Winter Garden Man Killed Outside Tampa Hotel – So What Did Hotel Know About Danger?

I was extremely saddened to see a story on the WESH website about the tragic death of Agustin Osorio at a Tampa Extended Stay hotel last weekend.  Apparently, Mr. Osorio was in the parking lot of the hotel, where he was staying as a guest while working on a construction project, when a man approached him, demanded cash, and shot him. I can only imagine the devastation that Mr. Osorio’s family is feeling.  After all, this man was spending time away from family and friends in Tampa to earn a living, not be killed by an act of senseless violence. If I was a member of the Osorio family, I would want to know what this Extended Stay hotel knew about the crime and violence in the surrounding area.  I would want to know if there had been any robberies, attempted robberies, or other acts of violence on the hotel premises in the past.  Importantly, I would want to know everything that the hotel had in place in terms of security to keep its guests safe from this kind of thing. If the hotel did not take all of this kind of information about danger into account, and take reasonable steps or measures to provide security and protect guests, the hotel (and any business similarly situated) could be held liable for damages (in this case, for wrongful death) by way of a negligent security claim. If you have questions regarding a negligent security, or wrong death, claim, call Winter Park negligent security lawyers Kim Cullen and Robert Hemphill at...

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