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Parents Should Carefully Observe 8-Year Old After He Was Pinned Under Car In Palm Bay

Posted by on Oct 4, 2013 in Motor vehicle accidents, Recent News

Parents Should Carefully Observe 8-Year Old After He Was Pinned Under Car In Palm Bay

The image of an automobile stopped on top of a mangled child’s bicycle struck hit me hard enough to warrant some discussion on this blog. The accident involved an 8-year old who was riding with his brother to Discovery Elementary School in Palm Bay. Apparently, a woman pulling her car out of a side street saw the brother, but did not see the 8-year old. The aspect of the accident that I thought was most important was the reference in several of the media reports to the boy having suffered a “minor” head injury, and how lucky he was to bearing wearing a bicycle helmet.  While these things are, of course, true,  as an Orlando accident and brain injury attorney, and a father of four children, this kind of apparent discounting of the significance of a direct blow to a child’s head (even in a helmet) is very concerning. Brain injuries are often the most subtle injuries suffered in accidents. Most brain injuries do not feature fractured skulls or subdural hematomas. Nevertheless, even minor traumatic brain injuries can be incredibly disruptive to accident victims — and especially children. If I was the parent of this 8-year old, I would keep an eagle-eye on him for several weeks, and even months. I would be looking for any changes in his mood or outlook or temperament. I would look for changes in his academic performance, his memory, or his use of language. I think I would also try to educate myself on all of the other indicators that my child may have suffered a brain injury.  If I saw anything that seemed different, I would see the advice of a qualified physician or a neuropsychologist. If you have any questions regarding a Florida automobile or bicycle accident, or are concerned about a possible brain injury after a Florida accident, call Winter Park personal injury lawyers Kim Cullen and Robert Hemphill at...

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