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Could Texas Roller Coaster Tragedy Happen At A Florida Theme Park?

Posted by on Jul 22, 2013 in Theme Park Accidents, Uncategorized

Could Texas Roller Coaster Tragedy Happen At A Florida Theme Park?

A Texas mother was tragically killed last Friday night when she fell over 150 feet from the Texas Giant roller coaster at the Six Flags Over Texas amusement park. As a Florida theme park accident attorney I cannot help but wonder, “Could this kind of thing happen here in one of Central Florida’s theme parks?” Unfortunately, I think the answer is, “Yes.” Eyewitnesses told television reports that the victim simply flew out of her seat during the roller coaster’s first turn. Apparently, one witness told the Dallas Morning News that she overheard the victim complaining to a ride operator before her car left the loading zone that her restraint didn’t feel like it was holding her correctly. Reportedly, the ride attendant brushed the lady off, and assured her that everything was going to be fine. Obviously, everything was not fine. As amusement ride expert, Ken Martin, points out in this video, there is no national safety standard or regulation when it comes to amusement rides At least in Texas the state’s Department of Insurance inspects rides for safety. In Florida, our largest theme parks are exempt from inspection rules. No state officials are allowed to inspect the rides at Walt Disney World or Universal Studios Florida. It goes without saying that no ride like a roller coaster should be allowed to proceed if there is any doubt that a ride restraint is working properly. I would only have taken the ride attendant a moment to walk over and address the victim’s concern. Because this simple action was not taken, a family is grieving in Texas. If you have questions regarding a Florida theme park accident, please call Winter Park wrongful death attorneys Kim Cullen and Robert Hemphill at...

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