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Ejections Are Common For Passengers Riding In Pickup Truck Beds

Posted by on Jan 8, 2013 in Motor vehicle accidents

Tragedy struck the family of 17-year old Kyle Lay last Friday when the teenager was ejected from the bed of a pickup truck during a traffic accident.  WFTV.com is reporting that the crash occurred in Ocala near the intersection of SW 95th Circle and SW 93rd Court, at a Walmart driveway. Apparently Joseph Minieri operated his SUV in such a way that it was caused to collide with a pickup truck being driven by Christine Hill.  Kyle Lay was riding in the bed of the pickup.  Upon impact, Kyle was thrown from the truck, hit a tree, and tragically passed away. It goes without saying that our hearts and prayers go out to Kyle Lay’s family.  It is never easy to lose a family member, but the loss of a child is always particularly heartbreaking.  The report from WFTV does not say why Kyle was riding on the open road in the bed of a pickup truck, but this is obviously not the safest place for anyone to ride.  As experienced Florida truck accident attorneys, we have seen far too many pickup truck passengers be ejected from truck beds and receive major injuries or be killed.  The safest position is obviously in the cab of the truck, buckled in with a seatbelt. Although money obviously cannot bring back a deceased family member, the Florida Wrongful Death Act allows for the recovery of damages when a family member is killed as the result of negligence.  For that reason, I am hopeful that Mr. Minieri carried bodily injury liability coverage. In the event that he did not, or that he had inadequate liability insurance, I am hopeful that Kyle’s parents carried Uninsured Motorist coverage, or that Uninsured Motorist coverage was carried on Christine Hill’s pickup truck.  Uninsured Motorist coverage can often make a huge difference in the lives of a family when there is not enough bodily injury liability...

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