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Notice (Like This) Is Key Element In Florida Negligent Security Cases

Posted by on Nov 20, 2014 in Negligent Security, Uncategorized

I saw an interesting story on the WFTV.com website that I thought provided a good illustration of how the concept of “notice” works in a Florida negligent security case. The story (see the video below) is about the rash of increasingly violent crimes being committed against University of Central Florida (UCF) students at an apartment complex across Alafaya Trail from the school. “Notice” is a concept that actually protects property owners in a case like this one.  If an apartment complex has no knowledge of, or reason to suspect, that frequent and increasingly violent criminal activity is occurring, it would be very difficult to hold the complex liable for damages if a resident or guest was injured, or worse. However, as the WFTV story shows, this particular Orlando apartment complex now has little room to argue that it doesn’t know about the crimes.  The interesting thing now will be what the apartment complex chooses to do about it.  Does the complex just operate “business as usual”, or does the complex beef up security by hiring additional guards, installing surveillance video cameras, or at least warning residents and guests of the frequent criminal activity? If you have any questions regarding a Florida negligent security case, or if you have been victimized as a resident or guest of an Orlando apartment complex, call Winter Park negligent security attorneys Kim Cullen and Robert Hemphill at...

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