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911 Audio After Fatal Orlando Crash Offers Inside Look At Accident Scene

Posted by on May 31, 2013 in Motor vehicle accidents

911 Audio After Fatal Orlando Crash Offers Inside Look At Accident Scene

I came across this post on the Orlando Sentinel website.  Somehow the Sentinel secured the 911 call following a major head-on crash that occurred a couple of weeks ago on Lake Picket Road, near the University of Central Florida, in Orlando. It is not often that civilians get this kind of behind-the-scenes perspective of a the accident scene following a significant motor vehicle crash — this one, unfortunately, featuring a real tragedy. As an Orlando automobile accident attorney, the first thing that struck me was the level of calm displayed by both of the participants on the 911 call. I was amazed that the eyewitness was able to maintain her composure so thoroughly throughout her description of the destruction and injured people at the scene. Personally, I think that my pulse would have been racing so fast that I would have been sounded seriously out-of-breath! I was additionally very impressed by the 911 operator. She did a great job of keeping the witness on-point and gathering all of the information that she needed to convey to the First Responders who were on their way. She has obviously been well-trained to do an extremely difficult job. Our hearts go out to the male victim in the accident, who tragically passed away at the accident scene.  From the information we have about the crash, it seems that it was entirely avoidable, and may have involved intoxication on the part of the at-fault driver. Perhaps the audio will put to rest any concerns his family might have had about whether he suffered or struggled after the crash. If you have any questions regarding an Orlando automobile accident, or wrongful death claim, call Winter Park personal injury attorneys Robert Hemphill and Kim Cullen at...

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