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Boy Scout Child Sex Abuser Ruled Incompetent

Posted by on Jan 12, 2016 in Child Sexual Abuse, Recent News

Boy Scout Child Sex Abuser Ruled Incompetent

An Orange County circuit judge has ruled that Fleet Peeples, Jr., is not competent to stand trial on child pornography charges that have been pending since February 2014, according to an article published on WFTV.com. Apparently, Mr. Peeples has been evaluated twice and has been found not mentally competent to stand trial. If he is not competent to stand trial soon, the State Attorney’s office may have to drop the case against Mr. Peeples based upon Florida law. Mr. Peeples is free on bail, and living at home. In addition, and importantly to me as a Florida child sex abuse attorney, while Mr. Peeples was being arrested for possession of hundreds of images of child pornography, he admitted to molesting and sexually abusing nearly a dozen young boys when he was a Central Florida Boy Scout leader. There is no mention in the story regarding whether Mr. Peeples is being prosecuted for the sexual abuse he admitted to inflicting upon those poor Boy Scouts. In the event that Mr. Peeples Boy Scout victims cannot received justice through the criminal justice system, they may be able to seek some satisfaction – probably in the form of money damages — for Peeples’ deplorable actions from the Boy Scouts. Organizations that cater to children owe the children a duty to supervise any adults that are placed in contact with children, including Scout leaders. Florida’s Statute of Limitations for past acts of child sex abuse is somewhat complicated. Any adult who wishes to assert a claim for past acts of abuse should definitely speak with an experienced Florida child sexual abuse attorney in order to learn his or her rights. If you have any questions regarding historical acts of child sex abuse in Florida, call Winter Park child sex abuse attorneys Kim Cullen and Robert Hemphill at 407-254-4901. Consultations are always free, and without...

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