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Was Defective Tire To Blame For Interstate 4 Rollover Disaster?

Posted by on Jan 13, 2014 in Dangerous Products, Motor vehicle accidents

Was Defective Tire To Blame For Interstate 4 Rollover Disaster?

Was a defective tire responsible for a blowout accident that caused the wrongful death of a Longwood man last Friday? This was the first question that popped into my mind after reading an article on the WESH.com website describing the tragic death of Miguel Javier Figueroa Marzan, age 19, from Longwood. According to the article, Mr. Marzan was riding with a friend in a 1999 Ford SUV being driven by Marcus Grubb of St. Petersburg.  As the group drove through Lakeland on Interstate 4 heading toward Orlando, the right rear tire of the vehicle blew out, causing the vehicle to roll several times. Apparently, Mr. Marzan and Kezra Johnson were both ejected.  Mr. Marzan tragically died, while Ms. Johnson and Mr. Grubb were both seriously injured As an Orlando accident attorney, I know that rollover accidents like this one are often caused by defective tires.  After all, tires are literally “where the rubber meets the road” when it comes to safe driving. (You can click here to watch a short video I shot with safety tips to avoid tire blowouts.) If a defective tire was to blame for this Lakeland rollover accident, the victims will want to make sure and retain any pieces or remnants of the tire that they can.  Also, it would be smart to retain the crashed vehicle as well.  In a tire defect case, these pieces of evidence can be critical to proving a case. If you have any questions regarding a Florida rollover crash or defective tire case, call Winter Park personal injury lawyers Kim Cullen and Robert Hemphill at...

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