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Where Was Security When Two Men Shot In Altamonte Springs Apartment Parking Lot?

Posted by on Jan 31, 2013 in Negligent Security

I hoped that after the holidays I would stop seeing stories about people being shot out in common areas of Central Florida apartment complexes, but it seems that my hopes have been dashed. I was sad to see yet another article in the Orlando Sentinel on this topic – this time involving the Altamonte Villa apartment complex on Orienta Avenue. In a scenario similar to one I blogged about just a couple of weeks ago, three residents of the Altamonte Villa complex were approached by two men who apparently attempted to rob them. In the course of the robbery one of the residents was shot and another was pistol-whipped. The third resident was able to escape and call 911. Apparently, the assailants were last seen running away through the apartment complex. Although the article did not say so, I hope the two gentlemen who were injured are going to be okay. In situations like this one, the physical injuries are often overshadowed by feelings of helplessness and violation. As a Winter Park negligent security lawyer, I was particularly struck by the comment in the piece about the attackers running away through the complex.  Apartment complexes that know, or should know, of violence and criminal activity on or near their premises, have a duty to control the ingress and egress of people on to their property. Reading that the attackers were escaping through the complex makes me question how much control (or knowledge) the Altamonte Villa complex had about who was coming or going. If the apartment complex had information about violence or crime in the area over time, then more or heightened security would be in order. If an apartment complex does not use reasonable care in keeping residents safe, victims of violence or crime could have a valid negligent security claim. If you have any questions about negligent security cases, call us at...

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