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Ignoring “Red Flags” Of Child Sex Abuse Fails Kids

Posted by on Jan 27, 2016 in Child Sexual Abuse

Ignoring “Red Flags” Of Child Sex Abuse Fails Kids

Organizations that serve children have no choice but to pay attention to “red flags” that suggest than an adult is sexually abusing a child.  Nevertheless, we continue to learn about organizations that have every reason to believe that an adult is harming a child, but does nothing more than ask the adult to stop or issue a warning to the adult.  This has to stop.  The price it just too high. As a Florida child sex abuse attorney, I was very disappointed to read a story on the WFTV website about a former Apopka Elementary School teacher who was recently arrested for allegedly inappropriately touching one of his former students. Once the police received the report from this recent victim, the began investigating the teacher’s personnel file.  The file showed that the teacher had been accused in the past of having students sit in his lap in class, and for being very “touchy” with the children in his class.  Apparently, the teacher was warned, but nothing more. We don’t know the timing of the abuse of the victim that came forward recently, but if it was following the “red flags” the school received, then this situation represents a horrible failure on the part of Apopka Elementary School.  It seems pretty clear that the school should have terminated this teacher as soon as the lap-sitting and touching allegations were substantiated.  As I wrote earlier, the stakes are too high to do otherwise. I certainly hope the victim who had the courage to report this accused molester to police is receiving the mental health and emotional care and therapy he needs. If you have any questions regarding allegations of any adult committing an act of child sex abuse, call Winter Park attorneys Kim Cullen and Robert Hemphill at 407-254-4901 or visit http://cullen-hemphill.com.  Consultations are always free and without...

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