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Even Rock Stars Are Not Immune From Insurance Denials

Even Rock Stars Are Not Immune From Insurance Denials

Posted by on Jun 29, 2016 in Insurance Disputes, Recent News

The rock band Foo Fighters has apparently had to sue an insurance company, Lloyd’s of London, over the cancellation of several concert dates in Europe last summer – according to an article by InsuranceJournal.com. The band cancelled dates in Paris shortly after the deadly terrorist attacks there. The band was scheduled to play, but was the victim of what appeared to be very serious threats from ISIL, the Middle Eastern terrorist organization.

According to the lawsuit file in California, Lloyd’s of London has refused to pay.

In Florida, such a lawsuit against an insurance company is typically called a Declaratory Action. Such a lawsuit would lay out why the insured believes he is entitled to insurance coverage, and would ask a judge to declare that there is, in fact, insurance coverage for a particular loss. In Florida, under most circumstances, if an insurance company is made to admit coverage and pay a claim as the result of a Declaratory Action, the insurance company came be made to pay all of the insured’s reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs.

This kind of “fee reversal” penalty is supposed to encourage insurance companies to pay legitimate claims, and to discourage coverage denials and delays. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work. Our law firm continues to receive calls virtually every day from Florida consumers who have been unfairly denied coverage by insurance companies.

If an insurance company is willing to deny coverage to a world-famous rock band like Foo Fighters — an organization that obviously has the financial might and wherewithal to fight such a denial through the legal process — is it any surprise that an insurance company would deny coverage to an average customer?

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