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Report: Google Car Insurance Agency on it’s way : Expect Personalized Service?

Report: Google Car Insurance Agency on it’s way : Expect Personalized Service?

Posted by on Jan 15, 2015 in Motor vehicle accidents, Uncategorized

Report:  Google Car Insurance Agency on it’s way : Expect Personalized Service?

The New York Times is reporting that Google is inching closer toward opening its own automobile insurance agency.  In my opinion, another behemoth corporation like Google getting into the automobile insurance agency business really represents no improvement in terms of the lives of Florida consumers.

Apparently, A Google car insurance agency is on the way. The company’s intent is to create a comparison/search website that will allow consumers to enter information about themselves, their vehicles, and their driving history and behaviors, and then received pricing or quotes from multiple insurance carriers.  As many people know, several insurance companies have their own websites set up to deliver quotes, but Google’s would presumably feature quotes from several companies.  Apparently, several Google employees have already received their insurance agent licenses in California and other states.  No word yet on whether Google has any agents in Florida, but Google is said to be focused at this point on the most populated states.
The problem, as I see it, is that, while Google may have insurance agents working behind the scenes on the website, it doesn’t seem like these agents will be providing any kind of professional insurance advice to consumers.  For example, is Google going to have an employee standing by to answer consumer questions regarding the types of coverage that are available and what exactly is covered?  If you have ever tried to contact anyone at customer service at Google, you will understand that it is highly unlikely that an insurance consumer would ever be able to actually speak to a human being within the Google framework.
As a Florida personal injury attorney who deals with automobile insurance matters on a daily basis, I am constantly struck by how little most Floridians understand about automobile insurance.  I am also constantly amazed at how under-insured most Floridians are in the event that some kind of unforeseen and devastating accident happens.  I have to wonder what kind of advice — if any — most Floridians are receiving from their insurance agents about available coverages, or what kind of coverage limits to buy.  I cannot imagine how the entry of Google into Florida’s insurance marketplace could possibly help consumers in this area.  Of course, I hope I turn out to be wrong.
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