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Would Orlando Teenager Be Paralyzed If His Apartment Complex Had Adequate Security?

Would Orlando Teenager Be Paralyzed If His Apartment Complex Had Adequate Security?

Posted by on Dec 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Would Orlando Teenager Be Paralyzed If His Apartment Complex Had Adequate Security?

A 15-year old Orlando boy appears to be facing paralysis after he was hit by a stray bullet during a shootout in an apartment complex off of Silver Star Road.  According to media reports (here, and here), the boy was standing with friends at the apartment playground when an argument between people in a different area of the complex grew violent.  Multiple bullet holes were found around the complex, but one bullet found the 15-year old’s back.  Now in the hospital, the boy apparently can still not feel his fingers or toes.

Unfortunately, this happens too often in Orlando.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to this boy and his family.  It would be natural for them to be frustrated that their child was the victim of an apartment complex shooting, because many times these kinds of events can be avoided in the apartment complex will invest some money and effort into security.  When apartment complexes ignore the danger that they know or should know about, the owners and/or managers of those complexes can be held liable for damages resulting from a negligent security claim.

If I were this boy’s parent, I would want to know what kind of security measures the apartment complex had in place.  How many armed or unarmed security officers were on the premises on the night of the shooting?  What kind of visual deterrence was in place to discourage these shooters?  Why didn’t anyone respond to the argument and break it up, or make the people who were arguing leave the premises, before guns were drawn?  How active has the apartment management been in encouraging more Orange County Sheriff’s deputies to patrol the area?

There is a lot that can be done to make apartment complexes safer for visitors and residents.  Some of the solutions cost very little in comparison with the harm that can obviously be done.  However, many times it comes down to simple dollars and cents.  Some apartment complexes look only at the monthly expenses, and do not consider the devastating impact these profit-driven decisions sometime have.

If you have any questions regarding an Orlando negligent security or apartment complex shooting case, please call Winter Park personal injury and wrongful death attorneys Kim Cullen and Robert Hemphill at 407-254-4901.


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