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Two Tragic Car Crashes In Orange County On Same Day Raise Questions

Two Tragic Car Crashes In Orange County On Same Day Raise Questions

Posted by on Jan 27, 2014 in Motor vehicle accidents

Two Tragic Car Crashes In Orange County On Same Day Raise Questions

As a Florida personal injury attorney it is not rare for me to hear about fatal car accidents.  However, it is unusual to have two such accidents — under unusual circumstances — happen in Orange County on the same night.

According the the clickorlando.com website, drivers of two separate vehicles were killed in two separate crashes over the weekend — one on John Young Parkway, and the other on Turkey Lake Road, in Orlando.

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In the John Young accident, apparently the police approached a vehicle that had been reported stopped in the left hand turn lane at Interstate 4.  They found a man reclined in his seat, apparently asleep.  When the man was awakened, he seems disoriented, then quickly drove away, down John Young Parkway.  The man collided with two vehicles, and eventually sent the second vehicle — a minivan full of six (6) occupants bursting into flames.  Multiple people were taken to the hospital with injuries.  The driver who was originally found unconscious was ejected from his vehicle, and tragically died.

Police are still investigating the issue of intoxication.  If the decedent is found to have been intoxicated, it would not surprise me based upon these facts, and my experience handling cases with similar facts.

Because so many people have been hurt in this accident, and the likelihood that the decedent did not have a large automobile liability policy, I am hoping that the individuals in the minivan all had Uninsured Motorist coverage.  If I was one of the injured, I think I would also like to know where the driver had been that night.  If he had been provided with alcohol when he was obviously drunk by a bar or nightclub, the bar or night club could be held liable.

The Turkey Lake Road case also seems like it could involve alcohol.  In that case, a driver lost control of his car for no apparent reason and crashed in to some trees.  The driver was tragically killed, and one of his passengers was seriously injured.  If I was the one injured in this accident I would keep my fingers crossed that I had enough foresight to buy Uninsured Motorist coverage.

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