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Were Gates In Use At Orlando Apartment Where Drive-By Murder Occurred?

Were Gates In Use At Orlando Apartment Where Drive-By Murder Occurred?

Posted by on Jan 6, 2014 in Negligent Security

Were Gates In Use At Orlando Apartment Where Drive-By Murder Occurred?

Family members are left to wonder what kind of security measures were in place at the Alta Apartments in Orlando after a young man was killed, and two others were injured in a drive-by shooting on Sunday.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Earl Alonzo Allen, 22, was tragically found dead from a gunshot wound after a car carrying several young men drove by a group of people who were gathered near the rear of the complex and started shooting.  At the time of this writing it was unclear whether law enforcement authorities had information regarding the identity of the shooter(s) or even the make and model of the car.

As Florida wrongful death attorneys who have seen more than our fair share of tragedies like this one, our hearts go out to the family of Mr. Allen.  Twenty-two years old is too young for a life to expire — especially like this.  Our thoughts and prayers also go out to the surviving victims of the shooting in hopes for a speedy recovery.

If I was a member of Mr. Allen’s family, I think I would want to know what kind of security was in place at the Alta Apartments.  The news article mentioned that the apartment complex was gated.  However, what kind of gated control was in place if a group of young men could freely enter, do their shooting, and safely exit the complex?  Where was the security guard to take down the shooter’s tag number or identify the vehicle?  Was the surveillance video or still camera capturing images of the shooting or the shooters’ vehicle?

If an apartment complex has security measures in place, but fails to put them to good use to protect its residents or guests, the complex can be held liable in damages for negligent security.

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