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Video May Be Key To Proving Damages In Bus Accident

Video May Be Key To Proving Damages In Bus Accident

Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in Motor vehicle accidents

Video May Be Key To Proving Damages In Bus Accident

I recently saw a news article on the ClickOrlando.com website regarding a Lynx bus accident that I thought might be useful to share with readers.

According to the article, apparently a Lynx (Central Florida Transit Authority) bus was stopped at a bus stop either picking up or letting off passengers at or near the intersection of Semoran Boulevard and Aloma Avenue.  As the bus sat stopped, it was hit by an SUV.  Apparently, at least seven people were injured and were either treated at the scene or taken by ambulance to local hospitals.

Indications are that the driver of the SUV has been charged with careless driving, therefore the driver (and owner – if the driver is not the owner) could be liable to pay money damages to all seven injured people.

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As an Orlando accident attorney, I have handled several accident claims involving people injured on or around Lynx buses.  Many people may not realize that Lynx buses now come equipped with at least six different cameras that are recording everything that is going on inside, outside, and around the bus while the bus is in operation.

The people injured in this particular accident with this SUV might be well-served by requesting from Lynx a copy of the bus video in order to demonstrate the mechanism of their injuries.  It is commonplace for insurance companies — like the insurance company of the SUV, here — to question the mechanism and extent of any injuries reported by claimants.  It is more difficult for an insurance company to dispute the legitimacy of an injury if they can see it on video.

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