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Was Big Rig Truck Driver Distracted In Fatal Sand Lake Road Crash?

Was Big Rig Truck Driver Distracted In Fatal Sand Lake Road Crash?

Posted by on Mar 18, 2013 in Motor vehicle accidents

Was Big Rig Truck Driver Distracted In Fatal Sand Lake Road Crash?

Was distracted driving the reason for a four-vehicle crash Saturday night that left one person tragically dead, and six others injured?  The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that a tractor-trailer rig driven by Billie Valerie Dolezal, rear-ended a Jeep, and that this impact caused a chain reaction of collisions with two other vehicles. The crash occurred at the intersection of Sand Lake Road and John Young Parkway in Orlando.

The impact was so severe that the tractor and the Jeep both caught fire. The driver of the Jeep, Edgardo Muniz, of Kissimee, was tragically killed. His Jeep was pushed into a Nissan driven by an Orlando man who was injured, and the Nissan was pushed into a Honda, causing injuries to its four occupants.

Local Orlando residents know that both Sand Lake Road and John Young Parkway are busy, commercial roads, with businesses on both sides. The intersection in question is very large and controlled by traffic signals, with multiple lanes in all directions, turn lanes, etc.  Anyone approaching such a large intersection should easily realize that there is likely to be other vehicles there – especially a professional truck driver with a special, commercial driver’s license, and presumably, many hours of experience behind the wheel of a truck.

Having handled our fair share of Orlando car accident cases, and representing the families of people killed in those accidents and people injured in those accidents, it appears likely that the truck driver was somehow distracted as she approached the intersection. Maybe she was talking on her cell phone, or texting, or maybe referring to her phone for directions. Otherwise, I cannot understand how an experienced truck driver could fail to appreciate an intersection seemingly full of cars, and fail to stop her vehicle in time.

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