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Motorcycle UM Coverage Just As Important (Or More) Than Automobile UM

Motorcycle UM Coverage Just As Important (Or More) Than Automobile UM

Posted by on Mar 12, 2013 in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle UM Coverage Just As Important (Or More) Than Automobile UM

It almost goes without saying that when we get involved in Florida motorcycle accident cases, the injuries to the rider are almost always life-changing.  More often than we would like, the injuries are life-ending.

This is why I was particularly struck by a story that I saw on WESH.com involving a hit-and-run motorcycle crash on Interstate 4 in Lake Mary.  Apparently, Keenan Huff, of Brightwood, Virginia, was riding his motorcycle westbound toward Daytona Beach when he was hit by a Saturn automobile, causing him to be ejected and tragically killed.

According to the report, the Saturn stopped momentarily, then fled the scene.  The vehicle was later found by law enforcement abandoned.  The owner is apparently from Seffner, Florida, but authorities do not know for sure who was driving at the time of the accident.

Based upon my experience handling hundreds of Florida car accident cases where negligent drivers have fled the scene, I am going to predict that there will be no insurance available for the driver or owner Saturn (whoever they are).  If my prediction is accurate, this means that Mr. Huff’s family’s only hope of receiving any kind of damages for the loss of his life will be through Uninsured Motorist insurance coverage.

I am very hopeful that Mr. Huff elected to carry motorcycle Uninsured Motorist coverage on his bike.  If he owned cars as well, it would be interesting to determine whether Virginia automobile insurance policies extend Uninsured Motorist coverage to motorcycles.  Either way, the Huff family would likely benefit from speaking with experienced personal injury attorneys in Florida and/or Virginia.

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