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Secrets Behind Orlando Accident Injury Hotlines Revealed In Federal Court

Secrets Behind Orlando Accident Injury Hotlines Revealed In Federal Court

Posted by on Jan 7, 2013 in Motor vehicle accidents

The Orlando Sentinel posted a very interesting article today that sheds a more light upon at least one of the injury hotlines that Orlando consumers so often see on Central Florida billboards and on radio stations.

Many Central Floridians are aware that married Florida Hospital employees were arrested last year in connection with accessing, and later selling, private and confidential patient records to outside individuals.  After some investigation, it was determined that all of the sold records belonged to Orlando motor vehicle accident victims who had visited one of the Florida Hospital network’s  hospitals and received treatment there.  Based upon contact information contained in these private records, these patients were being contacted by individuals soliciting for medical clinics and lawyers’ offices.

Today, Sergei Kusyakov pleaded guilty in federal court to crimes involving defrauding the government, as well as for knowingly paying a non-licensed physician.  The Orlando Sentinel reports that Kusyakov has connections to several Orlando medical clinics, as well as to an injury hotline.  In addition, he is suspected of being involved with a group who staged accidents and set up fake personal injury claims.

A story like this one should make any person with a legitimate Orlando motor vehicle accident claim think twice – or maybe even three times — before even considering going through an injury hotline to select an attorney or physician.  Mr. Kusyakov’s story shows what kind of people are involved with and behind these aggressive clinics and injury hotlines.  Anyone who has really been injured in a Florida car crash, needs to stay away from people and organizations like these hotlines, and needs to seek help with medical groups and lawyers who are highly professional, highly rated, and who have excellent peer reviews.

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